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Meet RevUp! from MD Revolution —
your complete digital health companion.

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Multi-Platform Health Management App for Universal Accessibility

RevUp wants to get to know you...

... from your DNA to your steps per day. It builds a personalized health plan that’s as unique as you are, and changes when you do. Sync your favorite health and fitness apps with RevUp to get dynamic recommendations, compete with your friends, and track your progress as you achieve your health goals like never before.


RevUp takes into account your DNA, blood tests, biometric measurements, and health goals. Then it works with your experienced wellness team to tailor a personalized health plan covering your lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness.


Track your progress and stay on course using the latest in mobile health technology and mobile apps. Getting off track? Don't worry, RevUp will make intelligent recommendations to get you back on your way to success! What's more, a live clinical team is available to monitor your health and coach you every step of the way.


Get tips, feedback, and encouragement from your personal health coach as you make your way toward your personal health goals. Compete with friends, and make health fun!

RevUp Program

In-depth Health Assessments

Our health assessments don't stop with your labwork. The RevUp program introduces metabolic testing, cardiovascular fitness assessments, full body composition testing, and (optionally) genetic testing to form a complete picture of your health.

Mobile Health Devices & Apps

Take charge of your health through self-knowledge! Pairing the latest in mobile health technology and a suite of best-in-class mobile apps, you will learn how to build realistic and positive habits and measure your improvement as it happens!

Personal Health Coach

Your personal health coach will monitor your progress and success using the secure RevUp app. Your health coach will have a comprehensive view of your real-time health, nutrition, and fitness information and you'll get feedback, tips, and motivation to help you every step of the way.

Customized Health Plan

The RevUp program provides a highly personalized fitness and nutrition regimen – tailored to your personal risk factors, preferences and lifestyle. You'll use the RevUp app on your phone or computer to get daily personalized recommendations and motivation from your health coach that will guide you to your goals, step-by-manageable-step.


What devices and apps do I need in order to get started in the RevUp! Program?

We highly recommend starting with a Fitbit (activity tracker) and the MyFitnessPal app (food logging app). However, users can still get full access to the dashboard, coaching and feedback with just using the FREE MyFitnessPal app.